Do they cost a lot to keep?
No, a sack of layers pellets, mash or mixed corn will cost you between £8 and £10 per sack, if you have get three birds a sack of pellets should last a month. We feed mixed corn or boiled scraps in the afternoon as a treat only.

How long do chickens live?
Around 4-6 years but we have had some that have lived up to 8 years so really it depends on whether they are looked after correctly.

How many eggs will I get?
Orpingtons 175-200
Light Sussex 240-260
Buff and Speckled Sussex 200-220
Rhode Island Red 260-280
Crested Cream Legbars 200-220
Welsummers 200-220
Pekins 180-200 (if they do not go broody)
Light Sussex Bantam 200-220
Silver Appleyard Ducks 160-180
Cayuga Ducks 160-180

I got my chickens home but they have not laid yet?
Please be patient as they need time to settle in, they will lay as soon as they are happy and feel settled.

Do I need to keep a cockerel with my hens for them to lay?
A cockerel will provide you with fertile eggs but he is not needed just for the hen to lay.

I would like to buy some chicks?
Please remember that chicks will need heat until they are fully feathered (approx 6-8 weeks) eat chick crumb then will need to be weaned onto growers pellets.
(please note that some breeds of chicks are sold as unsexed so be warned that some may be cockerels)

How long does it take to hatch an egg?
21 days give or take a few days. (Chickens)
28 days give or take a few days. (Ducks)

I bought some hatching eggs but not many hatched?
This could be one of many reasons from handling to incubation methods so refunds or replacements are not given.

Do I need to bring a box?
Yes please.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, please call before you visit, we will then give you specific directions to our property, as we are tucked away down a very secluded country lane.